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2 Day – Paediatric First Aid Course

2 Day – Paediatric First Aid Coursef37561_ddd9113f386d46349c650281bf8526b2

Course duration
2 Days   /    Hours:  9am to 5pm

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Course Content

This course is developed for those who are working with infants, toddlers & children up to 11 years old. It is suitable for, childminders, nursery and pre-school workers, anyone in child-care (at all levels)and creche leaders, nannies &
au pairs, sport & leisure staff and also first-aid-logoteachers. Those in charge of youth organisations and community croups should consider this course also. Parents, Guardians and Grand Parents who wish to educate themselves and prepare for potential accidents in the home, would this course very beneficial.

This course supports the legal elements for anyone wishing to have responsibility for anyone responsible for children & babies.

Our 2 day course (or over 4 Evenings) can be spread out over a period of time, however we recommend this does not extend beyond a 2 week timeframe.

The 2 Day Paediatric Course will give participants the specific skills to become a strong Paediatric First Aider:

  • What you will learn?

    Participants will understand the responsibilities and duties of a Paediatric First Aider.

    Be able to assess an emergency situation safely.

    Be able to provide first aid for an infant and child:

  • who is unresponsive and breathing normally, including child and infant CPR

  • who is unresponsive and not breathing normally

  • who has a foreign body airway obstruction

  • with external bleeding (minor and serious)

  • with injuries to bones, joints and muscles.

  • Understand how to complete records relating to illnesses, injuries and emergencies.

Understand how to administer first aid to an infant and a child:

  • who is experiencing the effects of extreme heat and cold

  • who has sustained an electric shock with burns or scalds

  • who has been poisoned

  • who has been bitten or stung with minor injuries, including cuts, grazes, bumps and bruises, small splinters and nose bleeds

  • with conditions affecting the eyes, ears and nose

  • with head and spinal injuries

  • with anaphylaxis who is suffering from shock.

  • diabetic emergencies

  • asthma attack

  • allergic reaction

  • meningitis

  • febrile convulsions.


Our course offer a practical, hands-on approach that delivers the skills and confidence to use first aid skills in a real life situation.

Being awarded with the Course Certificate is achieved through satisfactory completion of each module, continuous observation by the trainer and written assessments

Course Participants must be physically able to carry out the practical elements of the course.

HSE & OFQUAL require at least 18 training and contact hours for course qualification.
Participants must attend all sessions to be eligible for assessment.


On successful completion of the 2 day course, you will receive the 3 Year Certificate, Paediatric at Work Certificate which is OFQUAL approved and valid for three years.


We can present and deliver the course on your premises, however we will need to complete a room-check to ensure the room and location will allow appropriate communication and practical hand-on skills to happen. This will help to ensure employees get the most out of the course. We can also organise external training venues if suits better

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Enquire today:
hone:                  028 3754 7721

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