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Sudden Adult Death Syndrome hits Limerick hurler

Filed under: News/Events - Posted on Monday, August 14th, 2006 @ 6:17 pm

A Limerick Hurler has died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome it is being reported this morning.

Willie O’Brien (28) who played for Knockainey was found dead on Saturday morning at his home in the county. He had gone to bed early the previous night after returning home from training. He was due to be involved in a relegation play off against Dromin Athlacca yesterday.

Club treasurer John O’Riordan on the death,
“I last spoke with Willie after training on Thursday night. He was full of the joys of living and looking forward to the game on Sunday. Willie played at full back and was our best player. Everybody, not just in the team, but in the parish looked up to Willie; he was a great GAA man.

Today we were looking forward to a very important game, but instead we are here making the arrangements for Willie’s funeral.”

His funeral will take place in Knockainey tomorrow.

(14 August 2006)

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