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Less than one month until Cycle for Life begins. The aim, to raise vital awareness of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and positive mental health as well as funds for our four designated charities; The Cormac Trust, The Irish Heart Foundation, Cardiac Risk in the Young and Aware. 

In a press release by organiser Cormac Ryan, he said

“Cycle For Life is an initiative I established in September 2012 aiming to raise awareness of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and vital funds for various cardiac charities. In April 2013 I completed my 1100KM cycle around the coastline of Ireland at the age of 19 along with my brother and 3 others in aid of The Irish Heart Foundation, Cardiac Risk in the Young and The Cormac McAnallen Trust. We raised €35,000 and massive awareness of the dangers of these undetected heart conditions. It was a resounding success and the experience of a life time.”

“My Story: In September 2011 I was the goalkeeper on the Dublin Minor Hurling team that reached the All Ireland Final in Croke Park against Galway. Five months later I found myself in the Coronary Care Unit of Beaumont hospital at the age of 18. After several close calls on the playing field I was diagnosed with a condition called atrioventricular block, more commonly known as heart block. My heart was stopping for up to 5 seconds at a time, skipping beats and dropping as low as 26 beats per minute at night. I was discharged from hospital 2 weeks later with a pacemaker implanted in my chest and under the medical advice to give up Gaelic Games. Thankfully I was lucky enough to resume my playing career and I returned to the Dublin u21 team for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.”

“Had I lost my life it would have fallen under the category of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. I could have so very easily suffered the same fate as Cormac McAnallen and so many others. It was after this that I set up Cycle For Life in order to try and make the best out of my situation.”

“Cycle For Life 2015: In August 2015 the Cycle For Life initiative will return. I once again am taking my bike to tour the country raising funds and awareness for these fantastic charities and I am asking for help and the backing of anyone who can. Over the course of 10 days myself and a group of others will cycle 1200KM in a 32 county challenge passing through every single county on this island raising awareness of these undetected heart conditions. In October 2014 I went public on my battle with depression in an article with Damian Lawlor in the Sunday Independent and so, this year we have added a fourth charity to the cause, a mental health one, Aware. I have witnessed first hand the positive effect that speaking out about mental health has had and so we want to continue that work.”

“Fittingly, just like last time, our first stop will be Eglish, Cormac McAnallens hometown. Cycle For Life 2015 is much more than just a charity cycle. In 2013 we were starting from humble beginnings but now thankfully we have the foundations to take this nationwide with the help of others. The money we raised is of fantastic aid to our charities but even more so is the awareness we raise of both physical and mental health. A figure cannot be put on the value of it. It saves lives.”

“With less than a month to go we are looking for as much publicity as possible and so we are turning to you, the media for exposure. With each article/interview our message of ”Mind your heart, love your mind” is spread even further. ”

“I am lucky enough to have come out the other side of a close call with my cardiac health and possibly even luckier to make it through a battle with depression lasting almost 3 years and so I want to use that slice of luck to help others.”

“Please do not hesitate to drop me an email or give me a call on 085-8419844.”

“Mise le meas,

Cormac Ryan”

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